Honours List 2010

Matchplay Champion J. Lynch (Falkirk Tryst)
Strokeplay Champion G. Robertson (Glenbervie)
Youth Champion J. Lynch (Falkirk Tryst)
Junior Matchplay Champion G. Fotheringham (Grangemouth)
Junior Strokeplay Champion G. Fotheringham (Grangemouth)
Team Champions Falkirk Golf Club
Wilson Trophy Grangemouth Golf Club
Ellis Trophy
‘A’ League Champions Glenbervie Golf Club
‘B’ League Champions Dunblane New Golf Club
Alexander Trophy Falkirk Golf Club
Senior Champions ‘A’
The Hay Cameron Trophy
H. Anderson (Glenbervie)
Senior Champions  ‘B’ D. MacCallum (Stirling)
Spring Meeting ‘A’ Class
The McLaren Bowl
B. Hunter (Stirling)
Spring Meeting ‘B’ Class
The Porteous Trophy
K. Roberts (Callander)
Summer Foursomes
The Cameron Trophy
D. Todd & T. Todd (Stirling)
Autumn Meeting ‘A’ Class C. Simpson (Grangemouth)
Autumn Meeting  ‘B’ Class J. McIntosh (Stirling)