Inter Club League Finals Day

The Finals day of the Stirlingshire Inter Club Leagues will take place on Sunday 7th September at Stirling Golf Club. The semi-finals will take place with first tee off at 7.45am. The matches between Falkirk Golf Club and Falkirk Tryst Golf Club then Glenbervie Golf Club and Kilsyth Lennox Golf Club as follows.

7.45am Falkirk 1 V Falkirk Tryst 1

7.52am Glenbervie 1 V Kilsyth 1

8.00am Falkirk 2 V Falkirk Tryst 2

8.07am Glenbervie 2 V Kilsyth  2

8.15am Falkirk 3 V Falkirk Tryst 3

8.22am Glenbervie 3 V Kilsyth 3

8.30am Falkirk 4 V Falkirk Tryst 4

8.37am Glenbervie 4 V Kilsyth 4

8.45am Falkirk 5 V Falkirk Tryst 5

8.52am Glenbervie 5 V Kilsyth 5

9.00am Falkirk 6 V Falkirk Tryst 6

9.07am Glenbervie 6 V Kilsyth 6

9.15am Falkirk 7 V Falkirk Tryst 7

9.22am Glenbervie 7 V Kilsyth 7

9.30am Falkirk 8 V Falkirk Tryst 8

9.37am Glenbervie 8 V Kilsyth 8

There will be a Strokeplay event taking place for the clubs who did not qualify for the semi-finals teeing off at 12.00.

It is anticipated that the final will tee off around 1.30pm.

Thank you to Belhaven Brewery for their sponsorship this year. Glenbervie won the Belhaven Black League, runners up Falkirk, Falkirk Tryst won the Belhaven Best League, runners up Kilsyth.