It is important that the placing of the tee blocks complies with the CONGU ruling on Teeing Areas and keeps the measurement of the course within the agreed length when the course is rated. To ensure that clubs continue to comply with the CONGU Rules they are detailed below


Clubs should endeavour to maintain their course at its measured length at all times for Qualifying
However, it is accepted that the placing of tees for competitions will be subject to many influencing factors, particularly the condition of teeing grounds, which may mean on some occasions the precise definition of the Competition Tee cannot be satisfied. This should not, of itself, render the competition Non-Qualifying. Such a tee placement may be regarded as temporary and the provisions of
Clause 13.1 would then apply, provided that the ‘Temporary ‘tee still meets the requirements of the Rules of Golf Thus in instances where a tee(s), does not meet the precise Competition Tee definition, provided that the course is not shortened (or lengthened) overall by more than 100 yards (91 metres) the Competition should remain Qualifying and the allocated Standard Scratch Score will apply.

 If for any reason the course has been shortened, or lengthened, by more than 100 yards (91 metres), but less than 300 yards (274 metres) overall, then the competition should be allowed to remain Qualifying even if the deviation is discovered after the competition has commenced. In such circumstances the allocated Standard Scratch Score should be reduced/increased by one as required by Clause 13.2.

It should be understood that in this context “overall” refers to the total nett change to the measured length with each reduction in hole length being subtracted from, and each increase added to the measured yardage.


The Teeing Ground is defined in the rules of golf as follows

“It is a rectangular area two club-lengths in depth, the front and sides of which are defined by the outside limits of two tee markers”

The tee-markers should be placed in such a position that the player has the benefit of the full depth to which the definition entitles him.

In order to clarify the situation and ensure that Qualifying Competitions are played over courses of correct length the following provisions now apply:

(a) Distance Points on all new courses and on any new holes or holes that have had their length altered on existing courses must be placed not less than four yards from the back of each tee.

(b) On a reassessment of an existing Standard Scratch Score the calculation must provide for each hole being measured from a point not less than four yards forward of the back of each tee.

(c) Any competition played over a course which fails to provide teeing grounds as defined by the Rules of Golf or to satisfy Clause 12 of the UHS shall be a Non Qualifying Competition.

(d) In exceptional circumstances a Union or Area Authority may sanction in writing the use of a Teeing Ground that does not satisfy these requirements.

The County Executive request that all member clubs ensure that their Teeing Areas comply with the Rules of Golf and CONGU