Inter Club League Update

Due to the withdrawal of Bridge of Allan Golf Club from the Inter Club League a decision was taken to move Falkirk Tryst from the Belhaven Best League to the Belhaven Black League. The decision was take only because Falkirk Tryst had not played any matches, and to even up the leagues at 4 teams in each league.

Please see below updated league tables.

Belhaven Best League 2017

Belhaven Black League 2017

Player Performance Belhaven Best League 2017

Player Performance Belhaven Black League 2017

Inter Club Leagues Under Way

The first round of Inter Club League Matches took place over the last few days. Excellent starts for Dunblane New who beat Grangemouth 6 – 2 at Dunblane on Sunday, Stirling who defeated defending champions Glenbervie by the same score at Stirling on Monday evening and Falkirk who defeated Bridge of Allan by 7.5 – 0.5 at Falkirk last night Tuesday. Kilsyth Lennox and Falkirk Tryst were supposed to play at Kilsyth, however the game never took place.

Please see below league tables and player performance tables after week 1.

Belhaven Best League 2017

Belhaven Black League 2017

Player Performance Belhaven Best League 2017

Player Performance Belhaven Black League 2017

Inter Club League Finals Day

The Inter Club Leagues came to a conclusion on Sunday 6th September 2015 at Grangemouth Golf Club. With perfect weather and a course presented in excellent condition the scene was set for a fantastic days golf. The first semi final between Grangemouth (winners of the Belhaven Best League) and Falkirk (Runners up in the Belhaven Black League) was a really closely fought contest with all matches remaining pretty tight. Falkirk eventually coming out on top winning 5 – 3.

The second semi final between Glenbervie (winners of the Belhaven Black League) playing Stirling (runners up in the Belhaven Best League) was even closer with a result of 4 – 4. This match went into extra holes with the first player from each club playing a sudden death play off. Fraser Moore from Glenbervie won the first extra hole with a par 4 to Chris Lawton from Stirling bogey 5.

After the semi finals had teed off the consolation cup took place with all other teams from the league invited to send 2 players along to play 4 ball better ball. This trophy was won by Bonnybridge Golf Club.

Pat Quinn from Bridge of Allan aced his tee shot at the 15th hole.

The final between Glenbervie and Falkirk got under way and again most matches were pretty close. Glenbervie eventually coming out on top winning 5 – 3.

This is the second year of the leagues in this format and once again proved to be a tremendous success.

Congratulations to Glenbervie on winning the league for the second time, to Bonnybridge winning the consolation cup and to all the players who won their team player of the year trophies.

Thanks to sponsors Belhaven and Grangemouth Golf Club for hosting this wonderful event.

Inter Club Leauges

The final game of the 2015 Belhaven Inter Club Leagues was played yesterday (Sunday). Please see below final league tables. Congratulations to Glenbervie and Grangemouth on winning the Belhaven Black and Best leagues respectfully and to Falkirk and Stirling qualifying for the semi finals by finishing runners up in their leagues.

Belhaven Best League 2015

Belhaven Black League 2015

Player Performance Belhaven Best League 2015

Player Performance Belhaven Black League 2015

The semi finals will take place on Sunday 6th September at Grangemouth Golf Club, where the order of play will be as follows

8.00 Grangemouth 1 V Falkirk 1

8.08 Glenbervie 1 V Stirling 1

8.15 Grangemouth 2 V Falkirk 2

8.22 Glenbervie 2 V Stirling 2

8.30 Grangemouth 3 V Falkirk 3

8.37 Glenbervie 3 V Stirling 3

8.45 Grangemouth 4 V Falkirk 4

8.52 Glenbervie 4 V Stirling 4

9.00 Grangemouth 5 V Falkirk 5

9.08 Glenbervie 5 V Stirling 5

9.15 Grangemouth 6 V Falkirk 6

9.22 Glenbervie 6 V Stirling 6

9.30 Grangemouth 7 V Falkirk 7

9.37 Glenbnervie 7 V Stirling 7

9.45 Grangemouth 8 V Falkirk 8

9.52 Glenbervie 8 V Stirling 8


Wilson & Ellis Leagues

Congratulation to Falkirk Golf Club on getting to the final of the Ellis Shield by winning the Red Leauge. The winners of the Blue League have yet to be decided.

The Wilson Trophy league is extremely tight with all four teams having played 2 games, each having won a game and lost a game. This could come down to points difference to decide this year.

Ellis Shield Red League 2015

Ellis Shield Blue League 2015

Wilson Trophy League 2015

Inter Club Leagues

Please see below the updated Inter Club Leagues. With only one match left to play the Belhaven Black League couldn’t be much tighter for the second qualifying spot behind Glenbervie. Falkirk Golf Club have an away fixture at Falkirk Tryst and Kilsyth Lennox have a home game against Champions Glenbervie. Depending on the results that day either Falkirk or Kilsyth will be joining Glenbervie in the semi-finals at Grangemouth on 6th September.

Belhaven Black League 2015

Congratulations to Grangemouth and Stirling qualifying for the semi-finals from the Belhaven Best League. Grangemouth as winners will play either Falkirk or Kilsyth where Stirling as runners up will face Glenbervie in the semi-finals.

Belhaven Best League 2015

Please also see below the player performance tables for this season.

Player Performance Belhaven Best League 2015

Player Performance Belhaven Black League 2015